Robot Automation Solution

i) Automatic Robot Palletizing &Depalletizing System

Customize according to your requirement such as; production flow, product type, stacking pattern, output, pallet size & type, etc.

Our system design is comply to Risk Assessment and Safeguarding requirements.

ii) Automatic Robot Case Packing System

Flexible robot case packing system to handle various bottle type with changeable program possibility from time to time.

Able to handle various type of bottle, output, pattern, etc., via pickup heads, vacuum pads or mechanical gripper.

Our system design is comply to Risk Assessment and Safeguarding requirements.

iii) Robot Handling in Plastic Injection Moulding Machine

6-axes robot provides powerful but flexible handling of various and tricky plastic parts, which is hardly to be handle by conventional linear robot, like unloading of part, secondary process by putting insert into the mould, part’s gate cutting, part weight checking, stacking directly into the box, etc.


With our flexible robot chuck design, it could handle wide range of plastic parts easily and effectively.

iv) Robot Laser Cutting Solution

Automatic 6D robot laser cutting system of 3D steel part, with offline robot programming software can be easily handle by operator, besides providing a much lower investment cost compare to conventional 5-axes CNC laser cutting machine.

Wide range of robot system and laser cutting power source are available for your needs.

v) Low Cost Collaborative Robot

Collaborative Robot that makes everyone could play and program the robot easily:

  • 6 axes models
  • Payload: 3 ~ 16kg
  • Higher safety: collision detection at robot axis
  • Light weight design
  • CE certified
  • More user friendly and easier for robot application like deburring process, handling, vision inspection, CNC machine handling, palletizing, food stall, etc.